Best type of bulb for landscape lighting?

strouth64May 28, 2011

I'd be interested in hearing thoughts regarding the best type of lamp for lighting the front of a brick home from an aesthetics perspective. I'm not so concerned about the electric bill, or the increased carbon footprint for that matter. (We decided to have only one child, so I figure we've already contributed more than most to reducing our carbon footprint.)

I tend to favor a warmer bulb, so I'm thinking that I should probably rule out LEDs. I've read (but I am certainly no expert) that you can get similar color temperatures from MR16 halogen bulbs to that of standard warm incandescents. Nevertheless, I'm wondering if there is some other dynamic such as the fact that the mr16 bulbs are smaller so the light starts from a more concentrated source or something else that I should consider that might make me favor a Par 36.

Again..very interested in hearing thoughts on what people thinks looks best (appreciating that there may be some subjectivity).

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That's like asking which is the better car or truck...

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