Chosing a Washer

75eloracOctober 26, 2013

I am looking for a washer that will allow ME the freedom to chose water temps, wash cycles etc. I currently have a Kenmore, Elite, top loader (no agitator) which thinks it is smarter than I am. I don't always want a cold water rinse with a hot wash - I might want to chose warm water wash and rinse on all cycles. Does anyone know what my options are??

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Don't think you will be able to find a washer that gives you a warm or hot rinse anymore. I got rid of my Bosch500+ w/d for a number of reasons and got a set of Speed Queen old school machines. The AWN542 will let you choose the water level, temp. on any cycle you choose. Yes it uses more water than a he machine but I have found that it has out cleaned the Bosch. The hot is tap hot, none of the dumped down stuff on the others..
It doesn't fill to the top any more due to gov. regs. but there is a reset that allow you to add water if needed. And there is lots of room in the tub,
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply. I suspect I'll have to deal with the washer thinking it is "smarter" than me. I live where it can be very cold in the winter therefore cold water wash or rinse is COLD. I do believe the agitator washers clean better - may have to look for an older agitator type washer ??

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I live where it can be very cold in the winter therefore cold water wash or rinse is COLD. Majority of washers nowadays (it's rare to find one without) have ATC (automatic temp control) that prevents cold from being too cold by mixing in some hot as needed to maintain typically between 65ð and 68ðF on the cold setting.

Some with ATC may also have a tap-cold temp choice which runs direct from the cold supply without adding hot.

ATC-cold usually applies only to the wash phase. Rinses are usually tap-cold. A warm rinse (if offered on a given model) may be only a final spray that's warm ... and it's usually not a 50/50 or 40/60 mix of hot/cold as in the past but rather ATC-controlled to maybe 75ð.

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I have a Whirlpool top-loader, maybe 10 years old, and I have a Hot/Warm rinse cycle. Love it. This morning my appliance technician told me they don't make them with Warm rinse any more, so you may very well have to find an older machine. He favors Whirlpool. He says mine should last another 15 years. Heck, I hope I last that long too.

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SQ is the way to go IF youwant control over how you wash your clothes

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