Accessing Bosch Nexxt 500 Washer?

soviaOctober 4, 2010

A few years ago when I was shopping for a new laundry set, I spent a considerable amount of time reading all the useful information on this forum. Thanks again for providing such an amazing resource.

Now, my Bosch washer has been in use for three years. During the last couple minutes of washing, it began giving an error code, "E:", no number following the 'E:'. It would also no longer allow me to interrupt the cycle to add another item of clothing. In any case, I was still able to complete loads of laundry.

After several weeks of operating the machine with the reoccurring "E:" code, the washer finally stopped working. The drum wouldn't spin and the panel display would rapidly change time remaining until an 'E:' would pop up again.

Fortunately (or so I thought), I had convinced my husband that we should purchase the Lowes extended warranty for the unit. The first servicer called to let me know that we were too far away and that he would wait for authorization on the mileage. I called Lowes back and they agreed to send a different repair center.

To make a long, long story short, the second repair center was a disaster. They came out, said the unit needed a new control panel (didn't run any diagnostics that I am aware of), and said they would order the part. Four weeks later, the repairmen cannot be found.

Lowes called last week and said that rather than authorizing ANOTHER repair center, they will be sending me a Lowes giftcard for the purchase price plus tax of the unit.

I went to Lowes this past weekend and realized that I much prefer the Bosch Nexxt control panel that is located on the top of the machine so I have opted to repair the current unit. Based on the information from the one repairment that came out, my husband thinks HE can repair the machine!

I have ordered the part from Bosch and explained that we have no warranty whatsoever remaining on the machine. However, they will not tell me how to access the panel. The Lowes rep in the store told me to use a credit card to push in slots to make it pop open.

Does anyone know how to access the control panel or have some type of repair manual? I saw in some old posts that jdenyer232 had one that he/she was willing to email, but I figured that message thread was too old.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

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An E code is generally a latch error and not a control error. It means the latch over heated possibly from trying to latch several time real fast.
Before doing anything try unplugging the unit for 5 minutes and then plugging it back it. Many times this will clear an error. Also check to make sure the door is not binding and is closing completely. If it isn't this could cause the latch to chatter then give an error code

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