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PatOctober 16, 2012

If you had sensitivity to the "ALL Free Clear with Oxi" but did not have sensitivity to the "ALL Free Clear," would you think you would have the same sensitivity to the "All Free Clear" if you added your own oxygen bleach? Wondering why dermatologists and allergists do not endorse the Oxi version as they do the regular version. Getting an answer from the company is a joke.


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@patann - getting an answer from the company is definitely a joke. The dose lines on the 'oxi' version' cap were a nightmare to read, and the company could not give me a coherent answer. In fact, the answer I got was to dose even more than what the product label said. Argh! I finally gave away it away. Life is too short and there are other brands to use, with easier cap lines to read.

--> I think the ALL F&C Oxi has enzymes in it, where the regular ALL F&C does not. Check the ingredients list on the label. Seems like I vaguely remember that, which might make a difference. The Oxi version is relatively new, in the past 12 - 18 months. Perhaps the dermatologists haven't had time to 'approve' it?

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My daughter recently had a skin issue and in researching it I found that lots of people experience skin reactions to anything with oxyclean. I am not sure what in oxyclean causes this to happen, but many described red bumps all over the body that didn't go away until the detergent was changed.

I think it is ironic to call something free and clear (of perfumes & dyes) then add another agent that is found to many to be caustic.

Have you ever used your own version of the oxi bleach before? Depending on the reaction, perhaps you could test it with one piece of clothing.

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@Momto3kiddos - I recently read something, somewhere, wish I could remember where, that descriptions like "hypoallergenic" and their literal meanings were left up to the manufacturer. In other words, I interpreted the article to say, 'give it a try and good luck'. So many different people have different sensitivities, I suppose in today's world it is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all detergent.

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Very true! I am just thankful that my daughter's skin problem was caused by a virus that is resolving... not something I have to continue to watch out for. Allergies and sensitivities can be difficult to manage. I was just suprised by the sheer number of people making complaints about oxyclean over any other substance.

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"OxiClean" as a brand has perfume, unless you buy the unscented type, which can be hard to find. I once had a tub of the unscented, a few years ago, but I do not know if it is still made.

OxiClean (brand) also has detergents.(see link below) It would be really easy to overdose on the detergent end, if one uses the normal dose of detergent *and* OxiClean (brand), because the detergent might not all get rinsed out, therefore causing skin problems from the residue.
In essence, a normal dose of detergent plus OxiClean (brand), is an overdose of detergent plus oxygen bleach.

Here is a link that might be useful: OxiClean

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Cavimum, is the same true of "Clorox 2? I mean, does Clorox 2 also have detergents? Is it better to use a detergent with oxygen bleach included in its formula? Do you use a separate oxygen bleach? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Patann, I would recommend you try pure oxygen bleach, without any added ingredients like Oxyclean or Clorox 2 have. One brand of non-chlorine bleach that is pure sodium percarbonate is Ecover - at least it used to be last time I bought it a couple of years ago. 100% sodium percarbonate is also a lot more effective than the mixed color safe bleach formulas. This way you can continue using your enzyme free detergent that is not giving allergic reactions and get the bleaching action exactly when you need it, without running the risk of allergies to some undisclosed ingredients. I think you can also get sodium percarbonate from chemistry type stores on the web. Remember that it needs hot water to work.

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@patann - I really do not know if Clorox 2 has additives. All I know is what I Google and find on the Internet when it comes to ingredients lists. That's how I found the info at that OxiClean (brand) link. Sometimes Googling the MSDS for a product is helpful. Many times, the MSDS lists ingredients, some don't. Then I will Google an ingredient (Wikipedia usually has decent info) to see exactly what it is/does.

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izeve, great tip, thank you very much.

Cavimum, will do. Thank you again.

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