Juno lighting?

blackchamoisMay 18, 2012

Is anyone familiar with Juno lighting? I recently visited a lighting store and got the demo of these amazing recessed lights (specifically the Juno 4" Low Voltage Black Alzak Recessed Light).

I know nothing about lighting (but trying to learn) so I don't know if it was the housing, the alzak coating, or the bulb that made the difference in how these looked/performed in comparison to others.

As much as I would love to purchase these, they are a bit out of my budget (around $150 - housing, baffle/trim, bulb).

I am doing a remodel and having recessed lights installed in the kitchen and living room and need to decide on lights asap. (I originally had wanted to do 4" LEDs, but after this educational demo, I am completely rethinking this and don't know what to do!)

Does anyone have knowledge of these, or another brand or solution that would allow me to achieve the same affect?

Thank you forum folks!!!

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AFAIK, there are no 4" remodel on the market that are ICAT (insulation rated/air tight). So if it's attic above then rule out 4". I did 5" cans. I went with Halo housings and elite trims. You may want to see the trims in person since they make look different than what is on the website (e.g. gloss/flat, color, finish quality etc). The 5" trims fit snug around a r30 so you can't see up into the housing, unlike some 6" I've seen. Check out lumen rating. Of course the 4" are not going to put out nearly as much light as a par30/r30 at around 900 lumens

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I know this is an old thread, but I saw the black alzak lights and loved them, did my house in them nearly everywhere (that I was putting cans). They are amazing, if you ask me.

I moved and now just am renovating my kitchen and put them in. I am curious, however, why you say no LED light bulbs in them? I am currently on a hunt for LED bulbs for my 2 6 inch for general lighting and 5 4inch for task lighting over the countertops.

Anyone know a reason why LED bulbs can't be used with the black alzak trim?


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