Which washers with a 'FanFresh' option...??

ccjb100October 25, 2010

My wife and I are moving into a new apartment shortly and I am doing the research on what washer/dryer combo to get. We don't need need lots of fancy options, however...we are interested in getting one that has "FanFresh" type feature if possible. That is simply what Whirlpool calls it anyway. It is where the washer will periodically tumble the load with air after it's done to help keep it from getting musty.

The washer and dryer will be located where we can't hear a signal and both of us tend to be a bit forgetful. It's fairly regular that we forget to put a load in the dryer for hours or sometimes overnight. Thus we would like some kind of option like mentioned above.

I am having trouble identifying which manufactures offer this type of option. They would all have different names for it if they offer it at all. Can anyone help with identifying which washers have an option like this?

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According to the Whirlpool website they are the only manufacturer that has this feature. Could be they are playing on the name though. Well I just checked out Maytag and they have something called "16 hour Fresh Hold with Dynamic Venting Technology." There may be a problem here.

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Maytag = Whirlpool

Fresh Hold = Fan Fresh -> extended tumbling with fan
Fresh Spin = Tumble Fresh -> extended tumbling without fan


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Ok got it. That makes sense.

Now the question is are there other manufacturers that offer something similar?

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Not as far as I know... GE will reveal a washer with an OverNight Cycle that can wash and dry a small load overnight. It *might* involve a fan, too. This washer is not out yet, however. Maytag also claims that its "new and improved" Dynamic Venting Technology will dry a 3 lbs. load of lightweight fabrics in the washer - over the course of 16 hours!

All marketing claims aside, Whirlpool currently introduces a new line of front loaders so the current ones are discounted. Models with FAN Fresh include:

- WFW9750W
- WFW9470W
- WFW97HEX (new)
- WFW95HEX (new)
- WFW94HEX (new)

Maytag with Fan:
- MHWE950W
- MHWE450W
- MHW7000X (new)
- MHW6000X (new)


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I wonder why Maytag doesn have all of there newest washers listed on the site. The fresh hold option seems like a gimmick. I could see if you were leaving clothes in a washer for a day or two, does anyone do that? I did it once by accident...big mistake...the soured big time in my old TL. I sure do like the delayed start in my FL... nice to wake up and it is just finishing up a load to hang out on a nice day

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I think the option would be more useful if it could be enabled with the door open - and the drum no tumbling, of course. As of now, you have to shut the washer's door to activate the fan. If one could leave the door open and have the fan on, it'd certainly speed up the drying process as more air could pass through the unit. With the door shut, air can only exit via the slot underneath the dispenser drawer.

Maytag has the 6000X already listed on its home page - Whirlpool non of the new machines, even though Sears and everyone else has them already. Strange. You can get the User's Manual, though.


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I realize this post is from last fall, but I stumbled on it while searching for a similar feature. In case anyone else does the same, I wanted to add a machine that has a similar feature. The Electrolux Wave-Touch offers "Extended Fresh" which is described as follows in the manual:

Select extended fresh to apply periodic rinses with load tumbling after the wash cycle is complete to keep clothes left in the washer fresh for up to 12 hours. When you are ready to remove the load during the extended fresh segment, you must press cancel to end the cycle and open the door.

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So these manufacturers spend all this time and effort making their machines super efficient, only to add an "Extended Fresh" which will waste more water with "periodic rinses" to keep your clothes from stinking if you let them sit for up to 12 hours? Doesn't anyone see the madness in this?


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I'm thinking perhaps this topic feeds back into the "smelly machine" threads we've seen so many of.

I've done my own laundry for more than three decades. I have NEVER had ANY occasion where laundry left overnight -- or longer -- was smelly or anything less than perfectly fresh and ready for the dryer. Locations in WI, IA, WA, and AZ. Same today with my Duet.

On the other hand, if I did have a funky-smelling machine, I surely wouldn't leave wet clothes in there. (Nor would I tolerate the machine being in such a condition!)

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@asolo, it can be an issue if you have clothing that must be hung to dry. If it gets forgotten about, it's a wrinkled mess that will now need to be hung full of wrinkles (or ironed, but many of the handwash things I have are not to be ironed). I suppose this could be resolved by a quick rinse, drain and spin when you discover the laundry, but I usually discover it when it's almost time to leave for work so don't have time to wait for the rinse/drain/spin. If it had already been kept fresh it would be useful. So, for me, I'd only use it for a handwash loads and most often I'm around when they are done so would just shut off the feature and hang the clothing. For the few times I was caught with a load left over night or for an entire Saturday, it would save me extra work.

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I wouldn't put my clothes into a washer that also dried the clothes in the same tub. The drying process would probably take longer than using a real dryer with its larger drum to improve the amount of unsaturated air going by/through the fabric. Besides, the longer it tumbles in your washer, the more RUBBING of your fabric occurs. The friction from rubbing causes lint, and the more lint that friction takes from your clothes, the sooner your clothes wear out.

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