Need second opinions/help with light selection

clthokie90May 21, 2009

Hi everyone,

I am replacing the old ugly outdated polished brass lights in my house and I have it narrowed down to the following two series of lights by Savoy House, and am having trouble making up my mind. I like both of them, and was initially leaning toward the Bedford collection as I think I prefer the design more. My only concern is that the finish may be too dark in this collection. It is called distressed bronze but appears more black. The Citadel collection is more of a rustic brown and would probably blend more in my house. On the other hand, it may give off too much of a matchy-matchy feel. I just want to get some other opinions about which would work and look the best in my space.

Bedford collection

Citadel collection

I have an open floor plan in a ranch style house that is only about 1700 sq ft. The cabinets in the kitchen are spiced maple and the floors in my kitchen and dining room are about the same tone. I have white appliances and light green formica counter tops that may someday be replaced with granite. The walls are also a very light green in the kitchen. Whichever collection I choose I plan on replacing the lights over the island with two mini pendants. The light over the breakfast table will be replaced with a 3 light down chandelier. The chandelier in the dining room, which is currently used as a sitting room will be replaced with either the 5 light up chandelier or a bowl pendant. The foyer and hall lights will be replaced with the semi-flush and flush mount lights.

As for furniture in the dining room and living room, I have some darker wood pieces and my leather sofa and chair is kind of a rich chocolate brown color.

Here is a link to some house pics. Please excuse the clutter in the pics. My Dad took these when he was playing around with his wide angle lens.

Here are pics of the small chandelier from each collection. This small chandelier would go over the breakfast table with the blue chairs. The first one is the Citadel and the 2nd is the Bedford.



Thanks for your feedback!


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My taste is different than your taste. The fixtures you picked are beautiful, but my taste in your environment would lead me to a similiar but simpler style. Least amount of bulk, the better. But not so simple that is looks cheap. Exquiste details, fine craftsmenship is good but bulk might overstate. Even Lowes has solutions I would take.
Your choices are great and if they please you and your family, go for it. You will be looking at the fixtures for the next x years and they need to make you happy. No one else really matters.(Except if you try to sell your house.) For a sellable opinion, I once asked a realtor to tell me what fixture would help me sell the house. She had some good ideas.

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