How reliable are Casablanca fans?

james_444May 16, 2013

Hello all,

I am going to put a ceiling fan in my living room. One fan I really like the look of is the Casablanca Stealth DC 54-Inch Ceiling Fan, However out on Amazon there are at least five negative reviews on it's reliability.


Does anyone have any experience with Casablanca fans? I don't want to make a $600.00+ mistake. Please note this is the DC model not the AC model.

Another option is a Emerson Luxe Eco Ceiling Fan but it only comes with walnut or mahogany blades and those colors don't work well in the living room due to the ivory ash hardwood floor, the tan chaparral walls, and the white Swiss coffee ceiling. I could get maple blades for the Casablanca stealth fan which would match the kitchen cabinets. However the stealth fan is no good to me if it doesn't work or fails quickly.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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I am a fan of Casablanca fans. I do not have the Stealth but have had the Capistrano for 4 years. I bought mine from a local lighting store for a discounted price (they usually try to match online prices) and I was able to pick out the light and fan blades that I wanted. In fact, last year I changed the light unit because I needed more light in my office. I run the fan frequently and it is quite and efficient aside from the fact that it looks beautiful. The lighting store stands behind the products they sell. So, if you are unsure about the Stealth, I suggest buying from a lighting store who will assist you in the event of any problems. (I am an avid online purchaser, but there are certain things that I feel are better purchased locally.)

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I have a Casablanca Metropolitan 6444A Antique Brass with Advan-Touch remote since 2003, that was $400, plus $90 for the light kit from a web site call Fan Shack.
In 2009 there was a power surge and it shorted the electrical board, which was $150 part + $100 in-home repair. At that time, the person said the flywheel was bent and needed replaced, which was an extra $40.
Since then it has been working fine until earlier this year the flywheel was warping again and dropping down. It was $50 part and $100 in-home repair (though this time I had a different company do it as they were referred by Casablanca). The repair tech said that the Casablanca models that use the flywheel are more quiet than the direct drive models, but the flywheels warp after 5-7 years of use and have to be replaced. He put some blue lock-tight on there so that it would hold better.

Even though the flywheel has to be replaced every 5-7 years depending, the fan and motor is still top notch, and I wouldn't replace it with another brand. In fact, if I ever need to replace our other 3 fans, I'd probably get Casablanca to replace then with, but probably a model without a flywheel.

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