4 Inch recessed lights for home theater

hehatemeApril 30, 2011

My home theater is 16 x 25 with 9 feet ceilings. It is in the basement.

The wall color is grey and ceiling will be in a dark color.

The room will be used to watch movies and sports. Most of the time room will be dark.

When we have get togethers we will use the room for parties as well.

I will use a dimmer as well.

My home theater designer has recommended 4 Inch recessed lights. I prefer LED and I checked out CREE LR4 but they are very expensive. Are there less expensive options for 4 Inch recessed Led lights?

I am assuming that Halogen will be cheaper? Is Halogen even an option for recessed lights in the basement.

Can you recommend a brand that is good?

How many recessed lights should I have in this area?

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Theaters can have multiple sources of light. There are recessed over the seating, recessed at the drapes/stage, wall sconces at the sides, step lights, possibly cove, and maybe pendants. A minimum is recessed at the stage, over the seating and some type of wall sconce on separate dimmers to allow for the kids to put on a play, watch a movie and watch sports which each call for different settings of the lighting zones.

The L series of Cree fixtures only go down to about 22% The Cs go down to 5% but for home theater use that is unacceptable. The lighting needs to dim smoothly up and down with no drop out at the bottom of the range.

LEDs can be used for the step lighting which typically stays on during a performance but must be well shielded and not too bright so that it does not leak onto the screen.

Movie scene is slow fade to stage off, seating off, sconces low, steps on. Intermission is a medium rate fade to medium brightness for snacks and the restroom. The End is a slow fade up to the brightness required to exit. Sports is brighter than movie because you need to find the chips and dip. Play is similar to movie but with the stage bright. For full effect these scenes need to transition smoothly.

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