Dimmer / Timer Combination

smilesdotcomApril 18, 2009

Where can I get a dimmer timer combination to control some lights in my house?

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Can you please explain in more detail what you are trying to accomplish?

A higher end lighting control system can do this, such as Lutron HomeWorks. It can monitor any zone of lights and turn them off after a preset number of minutes or fade them to a lower level. It also has astronomical time clock for preset events.

Other than that I don't know of a single device that can both dim and time something. You can probably combine two devices with a timer before a dimmer but they'd have to be compatible.

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I would like to be able to dim a chandelier to my prefered level, then have a timer control when it goes on/off.

My renovations are complete, so I don't think I have the option to wire up my house with a fancy system like Lutron, etc. Besides, I am out of cash!

How can I determine if a timer and a dimmer are compatible?

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Do you want a countdown timer or an event timer? Does this have to go in a wall box and look attractive or does it go somewhere out of sight?

The Lutron system can be added to any house after the fact by using their radio frequency components instead of the wired ones. It's very common to remodel a home and put in the wired components where the house is torn up and use the RF for areas that are not and also to do entire existing homes with radio frequency.

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I want a programmable event timer that allows simple weekly programming. Does Lutron make a simple inexpensive system that can be added to a construction project that is already finished? I have no Lutron or any other smart home products now.

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The linked in wall 7 day event astronomic timer has an isolated single pole relay and will be compatible with a dimmer wired into the circuit after the timer. Use any dimmer compatible with the load. The timer will require a neutral.

Lutron's Radio RA with Chronos is retrofitable for less than HomeWorks RF. If you can follow clear directions it is simple to set up and extremely simple to use if set up well. Lutron is always there to help 24/7/365, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Intermatic EI600

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