Undercabinet lighting...HELP quickly please!

nikkidanApril 23, 2012

I have to decide by tomorrow what type of undercabinet lighting I want in our new build. Didn't realize there were so many choices!

The lady that helped me pick out countertops, cab stain, flooring, etc, mentioned that flourescent can really change the look/color of a tile backsplash. I found a backsplash tile I liked, then she showed me a pic of a kitchen they did with that tile with flourescent lights and it really made it look different!

So my choices are flourescent, halogen, LED, or Xenon..strips, hardwired (not low voltage, thats all I know!). Anyone out there have any advice, info, or suggestions? I know there are differences, but I've just gotten more confused in my research here tonight...heat output, light "color", energy usage, cost, etc. Are there pros/cons with each one I should consider. What exactly are the differences?

I'd just like something that puts out a true light that won't change the color look of my backsplash tile (which I haven't chosen, and won't be doing for a while, but I want to be prepared). And pretty sure I want it dimmable for at night, and not something that is going to get really warm.

FYI..I don't have any windows in my kitchen...if that makes a difference. But we do have can lighting in there, and rail/pendants over the island, and it is open to the dining and livingroom that has plenty of lighting, and alot of natural light coming in.

If anyone here is able to tell me what they chose and why, whether you like it or not or would recommend it that would be great. Pics would be good.

Disclosure...I know NOTHING about lighting and electricity...so please keep it simple for me! haha...Thanks!

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The following may be helpful. For simplicity, use direct wire led lights. The last message in the linked thread has a link to the UniLume light bars.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ucl continuation

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