Help with recessed lighting - bulb choices

m0m3b0ysApril 24, 2009

I have a new kitchen with 3 recessed canister sizes.

In the 6 inch canisters I have the Cree LR6 LED lights and I love them. (I wish I had caught the contracter in time to have had the LR4's installed.)

I have one 5" canister (had to go with that as where I wanted it conflicted with duct work) and two 4" canisters over the sink.

What floods will fit in those canisters without sticking out the bottom?

We have 2 different CFL floods (don't ask me what brand) and neither of them fit.


(I'm tempted to make him change the 4" to 6" and get 2 more LR6's.)

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