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Tom2013April 18, 2013

Hopefully this is the right forum for this question. I want to build a light fixture similar to a Hubbardton Forge 137660. the dimensions I want are a little different and the Hubbardton fixture is over $1300. I am wondering if anyone has built a light fixture like this and what they used for materials. What kind of cloth and what was used for the framwork. The actual lighting part is not an issue.

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I am sorry that I don't know what Hubbardton refers to..

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Sorry, Hubbardton Forge is a lighting manufacturer and 137660 is the model of this fixture. I like that style of fixture.

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"Hubbardton Forge 137660"

You need more digits in the part number to identify what light you are looking at.

Just those digits returns over 5 pages of lights.

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If you go directly to and search for 137660, the light will show up. Double click on the picture and the dimensions will be displayed. I think the other numbers just indicate color. Their dimensions would work well for me.

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The installation instructions show enough construction details you should be able to come up with something close.

As long as you stay well clear of the bulbs, linen is likely suitable.

One of the tougher things is maingthe sheet metal backing stiff enough not to flex.

if you use aluminum sheet (about 1/16 inch thick) and then conceal some even 1/4 inch aluminum angle on the top or bottom in a rectangle you may get enough stiffness for handling and installing. without having to form the flat metal.

There are numerous metal dealers that will cut small custom rectangles to order.
Model hobby shops should have small section aluminum angle (or look around on the net).
A decent hardware store should have sockets.

You may have to use some sheet metal to make things like socket holders.
Aluminum 1/8 inch short length pop rivets are likely to be your friend here.
Make sure the rivet end is hidden from view.
The dome head is flat and relatively inconspicuous.

If you drive out the expander pin you can even hammer the rivet end to further flatten it in many cases.

Here is a link that might be useful: Installation instructions

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Thanks for the link. I didn't think about looking at the installation instructions. That should help quite a bit.

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