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drjay71April 30, 2009

Hello all.

We are currently about 2 months from completing our new home and our very concerned that we don't have enough natural light during the day. We want our kitchen to be a very bright and well lit room during the day without the need for artificial lighting. We went with a golden wall color and we get plenty of light into the adjacent living room and dining room. The kitchen itself has 2 small windows and faces west.

Above the kitchen is a gameroom so that essentially rules out adding a sunlight. We could, potentially add a sun tunnel light but don't really have much space to run it down to the kitchen.

What other options can you guys think of? What about replacing our light bulbs? We have 10 recessed can lights and 2 light fixtures in the kitchen. I assume the builder has put in standard bulbs. Would LED or any other bulbs do a better job?

BTW, the pictures below were taked during a very sunny day and in real life the room is not that bright.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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To get help with lamp replacement info one would have to know the brand and model of both the recessed fixture housings and trims and what lamp was used, and where these fixtures are placed in the room.

Example - Halo H5ICAT/5001P Sylvania 65BR30 and fixtures are about 5' apart placed over my counter top work surfaces, or fixtures are over my aisle ways, etc. The housing info is inside the fixture or the installer knows.

Otherwise it's all just a guess which is what your builder has already done if the lighting is not to your liking. There are rules of thumb to follow and also some detailed math if one doesn't wish to gamble when building.

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