Occupancy / motion switch for LED light

AnthonyApril 18, 2012

Need a recommendation on a motion switch for a pantry. I have a single Cree CR6 (the Home Depot equivalent). The Leviton PR180 I got at HD doesn't cut it. It won't turn off all the way. It does sometimes, but most of the time it stays really dim.

We don't need any dimming function, but this one by default goes ramps off and on. Really I just need a simple motion=on, no motion=off after a delay.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

The Cree website did not have a very good or complete list of switches and most of their dimmers were actual dimmer controls not occupancy/motion switches.



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"Really I just need a simple motion=on, no motion=off after a delay. "

The problem is that most of these switches use a thyristor (a solid state device) and not an actual mechanical contact.

There is often some leakage in the off state, and whle an incandescent light does not care, an LED light may.

Add to that the distortion on the voltage shape in the on state and all sorts of problems can occur.

At the very least you need a light suitable for use on a dimmer to prevent damage from the solid state switch.

Even trying to use a relay from the solid state switch can cause problems.

Since the pantry light is not on for any length of time, a regular old incandescent light may be the only practical solution.

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Apparently, the Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor can be used with led lighting. You might want to confirm with Lutron tech support that it can be used with the CR6.

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arc2 - just in time posting - as we want an occupancy switch for our pantry also.
Davidtay - will check out the lutron but may just stay with incandescent.

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Thanks for the responses.

I am going to try the Lutron Maestro with the non-dimming option. Cree lists the Maestro Wireless as a valid dimmer, but sadly they have not tested or listed any occupancy sensors.

It is $20 from Amazon and failing that, I may just go with an incandescent.

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The Leviton IPP15 works fine with a single CR6 in our house.

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Adding that the IPP15 is a 'manual ON, automatic OFF' type switch. It does not turn the light on automatically when you enter the room. You have to push the button to turn the lights on.

I have also tested and used them with CFLs and the Ecosmart/LSG A19 LED bulb.

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