Didn't see the sense of it when first hyped & still not impressed

CynicFebruary 21, 2013

This "dip and squeeze" ketchup packet. Didn't know until today it's supposed to look like a ketchup bottle. OK, if that's what you say!

They're not catching on around here and it's not surprising. I've seen them on a couple grocery store shelves and they're quite expensive. Can't imagine buying them for many uses for me. The only place I've seen using them is Wendy's and they must be pretty expensive because they're pretty chintzy with them. I still don't see what all the hoopla was about anyway. Seems to be a big waste of a lot of R&D dollars. They have the little tubs already for things like sauces at the fast food places. Jelly and peanut butter come in the little tubs in restaurant supply houses. The only real difference is these new packets are so much more flimsy, I imagine reason being that you can squeeze them easier but they're so flimsy that using them as a tub for dipping is clumsier. The other tubs can be squeezed for dispensing. I've done that for years! I think it's a big waste and a lot of hype for nothing. Considering they didn't commit to it, this might go the way of New Coke.

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I agree completely. I was curious when they first came out and got a couple from Wendy's. I found them to be too flimsy too, and I would rather just have a regular packet of the little paper cup of ketchup. I also saw them in the store and wondered who'd play the price? I can't think of a lot of brown bag or picnic foods that I'd want a packet of ketchup for, so I won't be needing any myself.

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I'm with you--Arby's has them around here, and DD was telling me how 'great' they were. ????? They don't really do a lot for me, mostly because I don't usually use ketchup anyway at fast food places. Haven't seen them for sale in the grocery store, but wouldn't waste $$$ buying individual packages of something like that.

As to being stingy with them? The fast food places around here are being stingy with the regular little flat packs of condiments--you have to ask for them, you're allowed 1-2, and after that, they CHARGE for them!!!! So if you want to put BBQ on your sandwich and some to dip your fries, you're probably in trouble, it will cost you extra.

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I received a nice package of them free when I bought a bottle of ketchup. I know one place not in town, but where we shop that has them. I sort of like them to dip the fries in.. I would not buy them for home use though. Sometimes you have to ask for just about everything extra at the fast food places.


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I'm really not happy when they come out with a "new and improved" anything when an improvement wasn't needed in the first place, and their idea of an improvement really isn't. It's very frustrating. Sometimes you should just leave well enough alone. As for fast food places being stingy with their condiments, I don't blame them. So many people take handfuls to take home with them. I'm sure the cost adds up. It's always a few that ruin things for everyone else.

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I think they're meant to replace the hard to open packets, which held too little. According to my son who uses it. I don't eat ketchup at all. He loves that he only needs one instead of several hard to open packages. I love that he doesn't need to squeeze it onto anything. He can just open it, and there is the "pile" into which he can dip his stuff. A lot less mess and possibly less packaging. Seems good to me? But then, I don't use ketchup.


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best bet? write the co...let them know...

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We're way behind the times, I guess ... or, maybe it's only me? ...

... anyway ... haven't seen any around here.

o j

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Might it be an attempt to improve sanitation? I cringe at Costco, where everyone hits a stand to load up on condiments coming out of pumps. It's unpleasant to notice that the lady next to me at the mustard pump is the person who exited the rest room with me (without washing) .

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I'm a dipper. I like them with "to go" orders. The little cups that you pump into when you are inside are fine, but I like the one pictured if I have an order to go.

I like to dip my burger and fries. Don't like to apply the ketchup to the burger or fries - must dip. LOL I am a salad dipper also. Don't like the salad dressing on top, I prefer to dip. I also don't like my foods to touch on my plate, and have a hard time with casseroles that are all mixed together.

And, for the love of God, NO way can I eat spaghetti with the sauce on it. It has to be off to the side.

Now you know my issues! LOL

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I really like them! I like to dip my fries and this is a much better way to serve the ketchup.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

For those with really bad hands trying to tear open those little tubes with out getting it everywhere is difficult I usually had to resort to my teeth which is not ideal of course.
I much prefer this type they are easier to open.
I would buy them to put in my rv for road trips instead of a whole bottle of ketchup but not for home use.
When using the squeeze out tubes I don't like to squirt it on the fries I squirt it into a mound and dip the fries in it so the dipping part I like.

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They are on most of the counters in fast food places here. I dont like them. T oo hard to open. I did buy a box when they first came out 1,70 for ten packs

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Wendy's had them today. I did not use any ketchup but sent mine home with Amber. They are easier for my husband to open, but he prefers a bottle of ketchup.


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I prefer to dip too, but as I said, there's already a better option out there. The container used by McDonalds for their nugget sauce, Burger King for their BBQ sauce and other places. Instead of putting tartar sauce or BBQ sauce in them, put ketchup in them.

The new ones are so flimsy they're *not* convenient to me. They're tough to open for squeezing so I always rip off the top. As you try to hold it, they're so flimsy you have to be extra careful to not spill it all over, contrary to the other type which are quite solid. Most anything is superior to those tiny packets.

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I would never buy those individual packets. Of course they cost more than a large bottle due to the packaging. I help myself to ketchups, taco sauce, mustard,etc when I'm out at fast food places. Remember the old lady on The Sopranos who did this? (Took sugar packets from restaurants)

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I haven't seen them in Toronto, but I don't generally eat where they might be put out. I do buy bottled Heinz at the grocery store and pour it to the side of my plate for dipping whatever. I have never poured it over everything. I admit that I love ketchup - although I liked it better back in the day when it was made with sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. I don't like gravy or HP Sauce etc. I also HATED the New Coke - and could easily tell the difference. I never went without because I stocked up at the Coke bottling plant in Toronto and waited the nightmare out. I don't drink coffee or tea - Coca-Cola it is!

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Does Canadian Coke, er Coca-Cola use sugar? As I recall, when they brought out "Classic Coke" or whatever it's called is when they went to HFCS.

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