Powdered Detergents Revisited...again

larsi_gwOctober 28, 2010

I know we have been discussing Tide he Powder and Tide with Bleach Powder the past few weeks. I am still stumped at why Tide leaves such a visible, powdery white film in my Miele Stainless Steel drum & other Powdered detergents do not.

Tide he Powder is the worst offender. After a load, and the wash drum dries...it is totally murky looking and you can actually run your finger across the stainless drum, and you can see where your finger picks up the powder (like running your finger across dusty furniture)!

Tide with Bleach Powder (which I love the smell & performance), does not leave as much powder residue in the wash drum...but it is still there!

I've been "experimenting" and doing "research" the past week. Using the Custom Warm cycle on my Miele W4842 (so the water is heated uniformly and consistently with the internal heater)...I've done many loads with Tide he Powder, Tide with Bleach Powder, Persil Sensitive Megaperls powder, Persil Megaperls Colour Powder, Persil Colour Gel liquid, Tide he liquid, and Ariel Color Gel with ActiLift.

Loads washed with the Peril Megaperls Sensitive and Color Powder, Persil Colour Gel, Tide he liquid and Ariel Gel...ALL leave my stainless steel wash drum shiny and the stainless sparkling!

The loads washed with Tide he Powder & Tide with Bleach Powder leave my stainless murky, powderded and dull.

I am really into the smell and performance of Tide with Bleach Powder, but am very concerned with this powdered residue. If it is on my wash drum....I cannot see how it is not on my clothes (eventhough they look and smell great).

From my "research"....I think I need to stick with Persil Powders or liquids, Tide he liquid or Ariel liquid.

Am I the only one with this powder residue? Btw, the water company told me our water is medium hardness.

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Sears Ultra Free powder leaves a deposit on my washer's drum, though not as severe as what you described with Tide. An extended sanitary-temperature wash with citric acid removes it. Citric acid ought to be safe, since a package of expensive Miele descaler I bought contains just that. Since I've been using STPP (in the washes I do, not the rest of the family's), the drum is staying pretty clean.

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I used my HE Top Load machine for the first time last night. I used the Gain HE powder. I didn't wipe the drum to see if it left a powder residue though. I did seem to notice a sort of brownish, very light, line about 4" from the bottom. I am not sure if that was the water level line or something else. I will wipe the drum this evening to see if the gain left a powdery residue on the drum.
I have seen quite a few very positive remarks about the Sears Ultra Powder Detergent with OxiClean for HE machines. I was thinking about trying it as my wife hates the perfume smells of the gain and tide he powders. Does it hurt the clothes to use the Ultra with OxiClean all of the time?

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Residue is likely from the precipitating water softeners that may be in non-phosphate detergents nowadays. I've been using Tide HE powder and Gain HE powder for more than two years. I don't get any residue from either one ... but I also have been adding STPP for the duration.

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I can only think that it is precipitated minerals from hard water. Some detergent formulations are better at sequestering the hardness in solution than others. Water chemistry must also have a lot to do with it. Someone elsewhere posted that Charlie's Soap did not leave a residue, even though it's mostly sodium carbonate (precipitating softener), while other more mainstream detergents did leave a powdery film.

Use the product that does not do this, as it can't be good for your clothes or your machine.

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