UK Persil?

izeveOctober 28, 2011

Has anyone tried the UK version of Persil? How does it compare to German Persil in terms of cleaning ability and scent?

For those who are tempted to say that Persil is Persil, in UK Persil is made by Unilever and in the rest of Europe it is a Henkel product, so I suspect they may be different. Or are they?

Any other UK detergents that would fall in the "outstanding" category and would be worth trying?

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A couple of years ago we tried a variety of UK Persil here in the U.S. Here is what we thought:

UK Persil Bio Powder - Great. Clothes smell wonderful. Cleans better than anything else we ever tried. Very easy rinsing.

UK Persil Colors Powder- Pretty much the same as the Bio Powder.

UK Persil Aloe Vera Liquid - Cleaned well, did NOT like the scent at all Like all the other Persils rinsed out very easily.

UK Persil Silk & Wool Liquid - Much better than Woolite. Nice fragrance too, easy rinsing.

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Thank you for a great review, dualref. My daughter is at university in Scotland and was trying to find a good detergent to keep her white shirts nice and bright. I knew Persil would be the best if she was somewhere elese in Europe so I thought she could try the UK variety. It looks like Persil Bio will be it! I will also ask her to bring me some when she comes home for the holidays.

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You are welcome!
The Persil Bio powder & liquid (we tried both) is a great detergent and will certainly keep your daughters whites really white! You won't be disappointed.

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