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pbadssApril 27, 2011

We're the midst of converting most of our 6" recessed lights to Cree CR6's. However we've discovered that a few of the lights use a shallow can that the Cree CR6's won't fit into.

Looking around Home Depot, I found a LED that looks like it will fit, but haven't read anything about it. Any body have any opinions on it, or can recommend a LED retrofit kit that will fit a shallow can?

All-Pro 6in.

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You may find the following link useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: All Pro LED retrofit kit details

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Sylvania just introduced a CR6-like LED integrated light/trim also (I think Lowes has it).

I did notice the All Pro is rated for wet locations (i.e. water may be splashed on it) rather than Cree's "damp" locations (over tub and some showers ok, but no direct spray from water). But it's 3000K rather than 2700K, so it won't quite have that warm incandescent look, and the CRI (color rendering) was lower IIRC.

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Two other new LED floodlights sold at Home Depot worth a look:

- Ecosmart 16w (90w equivalent) BR40 flood, 950 lumens, 2700K (incandscent color), 25,000 rated life, made by Lighting Science Group. Only $34.97 - not bad at all for a very bright LED lamp that looks like a standard R40 floodlamp in use, not like a showerhead as many LED reflector bulbs do. Only real downer is that the color rendering is middling - 80 CRI, slightly worse than a CFL, much less the 92 CRI of the Cree. But for many applications it looks fine - I've tried one. Home Depot's SKU is 425 859; these are just starting to show up in HD stores. It fits in any recessed can designed for a R40 or PAR38 reflector bulb.

- Philips R30 LED flood. Not the one that's been out for a year, but a new one that's just hitting HD stores now. Can't find it online anywhere yet. It's smaller and not quite as bright as the above bulb, costs $39, is 3000K (a bit whiter than incandescent bulbs, warm-white CFLs, or a CR6), but it too has a nice "real bulb" look with a diffused lens that again avoids the showerhead look with individual LEDs and glaring at you surrounded by heat sink fins. It fits in fixtures designed for R30 or PAR30 reflector bulbs, and thus is shorter than the Ecosmart. Don't know the brightness or CRI since I don't own one, but will look since I need to go to HD today.

Note that both of these do not include a trim kit like the Cree CR6, so you'll need a baffle (a white non-step baffle if you're trying to match the CR6 look) as well as the bulb; if you're replacing existing bulbs you may already have these.

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Ecosmart 16w (90w equivalent) BR40 flood, 950 lumens

Interesting. It appears that Ecosmart, like many LED manufacturers, is overstating the incandescent equivalence of their products. (CF manufacturers did the same thing in the early days.)

A typical 65 watt incandescent lamp will produce 1000 lumens. So this LED will produce a little less light than a 65 watt incandescent lamp, and nowhere near the light of a 90 watt.

Its efficacy is 59 lumens per watt. That's better than many other LEDs, but handily beaten by most compact fluorescents on the market. You can also expect that an LED's output will decline over time (as will a fluorescent's).

Caveat emptor.

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Ecosmart is not a manufacturer; rather it is a Home Depot house brand (rather like Kenmore and Craftsman are for Sears), and Ecosmart-branded light bulbs are made by several different manufacturers. Some of the more prominent manufacturers include their brand name and logo on the box, others have no mention of the real manufacturer beyond something like "made in China for Home Depot".

The aforementioned Ecosmart 16w 950-lumen "90w equivalent" is made by Lighting Science Group, and their claims for incandescent-bulb substitution don't seem that out of line to me. Let's look at General Electric's 65 watt BR40 floodlamp bulb - a mere 730 initial lumens, and only 2000 hours rated bulb life.

I believe 90 watt BR40 incandescent bulbs were phased out several years ago to meet gov't regulations in favor of slightly more efficient halogen reflector bulbs, but I found a few web sites that still list discontinued products. Here's GE's old 90 watt BR40 incandescent floodlamp. 1000 initial lumens, 2000 hour rated bulb life. That's only slightly brighter than the 950 lumens claimed for the Ecosmart/Lighting Science BR40, and even if the LED's light output declines with use, so does an incandescent blown-glass floodlamp (which tend to darken over time), and keep in mind when the incandescent bulb is almost about to burn out, the LED bulb still has over 90% of its rated life remaining, and is probably still at near-initial brightness.

My own eyeballs tell me it's as about as bright as they claim. Remember that the "90w equivalent" is referring to a regular 90w incandescent, not a 90w halogen (and certainly not the newer breed of high-efficiency halogen bulbs like GE's Halogen-IR line - GE makes an excellent 60w PAR38 Halogen-IR wide-flood bulb with 1050 lumens, 3000 hour rated life, and a precise, even beam spread from its separate glass lens and aluminized reflector. 100 CRI of course, dims as well as any incandescent bulb, and stays at full brightness for the life of the bulb.)

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