Tide Total Care

tennblondie78October 8, 2013

I have read other people mention liking Tide Total Care in other posts. Is it really worth the money? I wear a ton of sweaters and am interested in the anti-pilling claim. Although I prefer powders, I like Tide in general and wouldn't mind giving Total Care a try if it really does a great job. FWIW, I have an old LG TROMM FL, so I would be using the HE version. Please give me your opinions. Thanks!

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Since Total Care came out, I have probably used 4-5 bottles of it! I honestly DO NOT care for the smell, but it really does seem to keep clothes smooth and the colour fresh. I wish they could make the scent a little cleaner, and less "chemically" smelling. Overall, I recommend it though!

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I think it works well, too--fewer wrinkles, colors stay bright. It is a good product, but like Larsi, I don't care for the way it smells. I, too, wish it smelled 'cleaner', more like the Tide Vivid powder that I use on my whites. I'm not big on scented detergents, but that's a smell I can live with. :-)

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