Does an 18" or shorter T5HO lamp exist?

kaysdApril 4, 2013

My designer specified Lithonia Z T5HO striplights with reflectors for cove lighting above my cabinets. Unfortunately, I have two 18.5" wide cabinets and the smallest T5HO light I can find so far is 22".

My electrician's supllier has suggested LED alternatives that fit, but they cost a lot more and have a much lower lumen output. The cove lighting is an essential part of my total lighting plan because we can't put recessed pot lights in our wood ceiling.

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You need to go down to t4. Alternately, the lamps could be placed on the diagonal.

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Thanks, David. I asked my GC if we could place them at an angle, and he thought the pattern of light produced would look weird compared to the straight runs on our larger banks of cabinets. I'm not sure if he is right.

I will look at T4s. All 4 banks of cabinets are wired together. Could we stick with the specified Lithonia Z Strip T5HO fixtures on the 2 larger cabinets and use T4s on the 2 smaller cabinets and control them from a single dimmer, or would the 2 types be incompatible?

Here is a link that might be useful: Lithonia Z Strip

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It may not. If dimming capability is required, you need dimmable ballasts which in turn could push the cost above LED.

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