Recessed lighting cans: what size? 4", 5" or 6"

NYMKApril 15, 2013

My kitchen is 11 ft by 12 ft and L shaped. I will also have a peninsula with two pendant lights. I am trying to figure out what size cans to use. What should I consider in making this decision? My contractor has six 5" cans written in his proposal. Thanks!

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If you want to utilize Cree CR series lights, you have to use either 4" or 6" cans. The link below may be helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Led recessed can guide

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We mostly have 5" (halo new construction).

Since Cree is out, what do you recommend?

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Forgot to mention.

The cans are on a 6/12 sloped ceiling starting at ~9 feet.
So, looking for directional.....(Calif title24).

(p.s. The cutout by the firesprinkler is for a track light....)

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1. Check the model number of the can. There is a variant of the CR6 that could fit into a 5" can.
2. Sylvania RT6
3. The new Cree BR30 lamp.

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Thank you so much for the recommendation. I think ill go with the br30.


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Just to be sure before i buy 15 of these..... Here is the model #


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I bought one of the new Cree BR30 floodlamps. They're awful. Sick looking yellowish light that dulls colors and makes white paper look yellow. I tried a back-to-back comparison with a CR6, and it's a night and day difference. Despite the similar lumen outputs, the CR6 appears brighter; not sure why that is. The beam spread isn't all that different.

Cree now promotes the CR6's ability to fit into *some* 5" housings, although I haven't seen a list of which ones it will work with.

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The cr6 will not fit. You could try using the halo Led module since that is the intended module to fit into the can.

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The newer CR6 modules can fit into several 5" cans now - see Cree's spec sheet which now states it will fit "most 6â and some 5â recessed housings". And as it turns out, I just installed some CR6's in 5" cans (unknown manufacturer, but they were IC new construction housings whose openings were exactly 5" diameter). Some "5 inch" housings actually have even larger diameters - the H550ICAT linked to above is 5-1/2" diameter, although I've never tried it with those.

Still, I wish Cree would offer a TrueWhite (90+ CRI) floodlamp in BR30/PAR30 and BR40/PAR38 sizes with just the bulb, without an integral trim baffle, which would ease installation and reduce cost for retrofits where you already have a trim bezel. For new construction, having a built-in trim kit is more cost-effective since it eliminates the need to buy that part separately which saves $10-$15 per lamp, making the TrueWhite CR6 (a.k.a. EcoSmart ECO-575L) competitive in price with the BR30 floodlamp bulbs from Cree or Lighting Science (also sold at HD as an EcoSmart), both of which currently are $20 but are about 80 CRI and the difference is obvious in light quality in back-to-back comparisons - of those three only the ECO-575L gives off light that looks as good (almost) as an incandescent or halogen light bulb. Recent versions of that lamp module, dispite the same designation, are rated at 625 lumens.

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