Celing fan w/light...what kind? & how many watts of light?

nikkidanApril 5, 2012

When the electricians were roughing in our electrical in our new home, I was a bit overwhelmed. So when it came to the bedrooms I told them to just wire them all for a ceiling fan/light.

But, now I'm having a hard time finding a fan that I like that seems it will be bright enough to light up the rooms good.

I prefer the bowl shaped light, but most of those take only 2 60 watt bulbs at the most. That just doesn't seem like much to me. Especially for the north-facing rooms. I may just have to go with the type that has the globes hang down.

So how many watts/bulbs do you think I will need in each bedroom? I'd hate to get them all installed and then have to have them all switched out!

Also...when buying the fans, how do I know I got the right kind. The electricians wired them all with a switch on the wall so I don't have to try to reach up to pull a chain. Is there a certain type of fan I need to make sure it will run on a wall switch?

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IMO,a bedroom ceiling light is just to keep you from tripping over things in a dark room. You supplement it with lamps on the dressers and by the bed. So go with what you like.

Your fan will probably still have a chain on it to set the speed, unless the electrician installed a fan-worthy dimmer at the switch ... in which case, you will still have the chain, but not need to use it. It isn't a special kind of ceiling fan.

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IMO a light in the bedroom is to be able to see what you look like fully dressed. Two 60watt bulbs aren't going to cut it. I got 4 100 watt bulbs when I replaced my globe type ceiling light/fan. The globe was useless for light. My bedroom is a north facing bedroom too. A good ceiling light is a must for me.

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Light depends on code, or what fan will allow. I have noticed that the light's for ceileng fans have been lowered so older fans with lights support more wattage. Im not sure the reason, but its something across all US states.

I got one of the Emerson fans for great room in a rental unit I have and it is fantastic. I got lights that pointed down, for max lighting. Loved it so much, that I went and got the same fan, for my sunroom. I did not add the light fixture to the fan for sunroom, plenty of light.

The fan's I got are for larger rooms,you might want a smaller base motor for the bedroom. I would suggest you look at local lighting store. FYI my fans hardwire in for power, but also have a wireless remote feature all controls on remote unit installed in wall switch and hand held remote optional. Note these fans are custom, you pick all the features, finish color, blades, light fixtures, wall control panels etc.

I picked Emerson due to ratings on fan motor reliablity it is the main reason to buy a fan so motor working quiet and efficient was my primary focus, looks were last.

Here is a link that might be useful: Emerson Ceiling fan

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