SURF Powder detergent in a Front load Washer

deutsch100October 20, 2009

Hey guys! So I am very cautious (and picky) what goes into my Miele Washer. I almost always use German Persil detergent. Once in a while I use Tide he powder, but sometimes the smell annoys me, and sometimes there is a hint of white powder in the drum that I do not like, and can't stop thinking that "filler" powder residue is also on my clothes and skin.

Anyway, I bought a box of SURF Powder at my local Target (cheap, like $4.50 USD). It is the classic Clean scent (SO good, like clean, old fashioned tropical nonsense or spiced holdiay pears, or any other BS:) It is not he, but thought I'd try a little, since I remember I used to love SURF detergent in the early 1990's.

It did not foam, even when I used almost the recommended amount of almost a cup. It rinsed clean, and the smell was there, but really faint. I used it for darks, colours and sheets and towels. Don't know long term if it is good for colour conservation, but it smells great & no bubbles. I always use Persil Universal Gel for whites though (the green bottle), since it can handle heat to 95C (203F). USA detergents break down and stop working way before that, but Persil is designed for European (mainly German) washers that have near boil wash points.

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Not sure about the Surf but it should be ok as long as it is not oversudsing.

I was in Wal-Mart over the weekend and noticed they have Tide Powder with Downey HE now and also have a new version of Purex liquid-Coldwater that works in either HE or traditional machines. I wish they would make a Tide w/bleach powder HE.

I too have noticed the white powderish stuff in the machine afterwards when using Tide powderHE.I have also seen that in my dryer vent outside when cleaning it out.

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Thanks for replying sparky823. I've written to Tide several times about them offering Tide with bleach he powder. I'd much rather have that than Tide with Downy he. Tide says their is very little market for Tide with Bleach he powder. Some people are dyed in the wool powder detergent fans, but the hugely, vast majority of Americans use and want liquid detergent. Being German, Germany is also quickly gaining a lot of love and demand for liquids. Although powder choices are huge, liquid detergent is becoming really popular.

I really dislike that white residue Tide he Powder leaves. For this reason, I have not used it in months. Honestly, my Persil Color Gel and Persil Universal Gel (for whites) is as close to perfect as possible. Also, the 2 local stores that sell Persil, lowered their prices $5 per bottle. So while still expensive, not as bad now.

The Surf powder does not leave any residue at all (and lathers/bubbles very little). I like the smell a lot, but it does not last, and is very faint. Which is maybe a big plus for some. With my Persil, the whole laundry room smells clean, old fashioned and almost like pine. I love it a lot!!!

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Sears powder detergent leaves no residue on my black pants.

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I read a comment a service tech made about Persil detergent. He said that he had noticed that service calls he had done on machines where the people used Persil(powder)they had no smell, no mold or any build up or scumb at all. He believed it was from using the Persil since that seemed to hold true in every case where they exclusively used it. I wonder if the Persil Gel would be the same?
I believe Fordtech said that he also used Persil Powder and had no problems with buildup or mold although he did before, using different brands.

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I have also contacted Tide to ask them to make an HE powdered formula with bleach. I used to love using the regular formula on whites in my former washers.

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