not enough lighting driving me crazy ... 45-50 watt bulbs?

rufinoroxApril 4, 2010

We have installed 35 watt halogen bulbs in our recessed lights. There are 6 and its driving me crazy there isn't enough light... well everyone else thinks there is but me. I guess I'm used to the big old fashion floursent lights. We have a light fixture over the penisula, but I don't think I need to have that on with the others to get more light .. or do I? Do they make these bulbs in 45-50 watt? However, ours are screw ons. I tried the doft bulbs in 45 watts, but they aren't as bright. I need some help... anyone? halogen bulb&Ntk=i_products&Ns=p_product_price:1&pl=1¤tURL=/pl__0_s?newSearch=true$Ntt=ge halogen bulb$y=6$x=18

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To help one would need to know the brand and model of the housing and trim to see what possible lamps may be used. Who designed the kitchen lighting? Wasn't there a plan? One needs to choose a lamp, then a housing and trim to hold it and the spacing at which to place them.

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My brother-in-law an electrician planned the lighting. I wanted enough lights, so he suggest 6 recessed in the space we have and used 35 watt hallogen. I just switched them out for 50 watt halogen 20 par lights. They look brighter, but I won't know until later this evening. Its quite sunny out I can't tell right now.

We have 4" hall houding and trim lighting.

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