help finding period lighting from local lighting stores

marmoreusApril 1, 2009


I am going to be building a new house and my GC isn't really up for purchasing stuff from places other than the local suppliers (so no ordering from Rejuvenation/Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn, for example.)

So of the catalog type lighting companies that that local lighting stores typically carry, who does period lighting? So far, everything I've seen looks too traditional/transitional/modern and not simple enough.

Here are two examples of fixtures I like:


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Where are you located?

Why won't he allow you to purchase from elsewhere? Won't he give you an allowance where you pay the overage?

We are working on a project where the homeowner is putting in the cheapest possible contractor/homecenter fixtures (for the decorative stuff, not including the recessed) because it was part of the contractor pricing, just to get a certificate of occupancy. Then we are going to replace the decorative fixtures with what they want.

I think its wasteful, but it was the only way to get around the issue, in this case.

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I am in Iowa. I guess I need to ask him directly about the lighting. It's just been my interpretation in general that he doesn't want to stray from his local sources. He might not be used to someone who scours the internet like we GW'ers do!

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here is a link to some good period lights:

remeber your the boss - sounds like your builder is getting a kickback

Here is a link that might be useful: Copper / Brass Lighting

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If your gc (for whatever reason) really won't let you buy from elsewhere, I'd take a look at an online site like LightingUniverse - huge selection, and most of their stuff you should be able to order locally. We've purchased a couple of fixtures from Hudson Valley lighting that were period-inspired - though i do like Rejuvenation better, the HV lights were still nice and I can get them at my local light shop. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: HV Lighting

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Thanks for the links!

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