Water supply for Samsung dryer

stevepsOctober 17, 2010

In my laundry room the washer and dryer are not side by side requiring the dryer to have a dedicated water line. Would a 1/4" water line (refigerator kit) be sufficient for the dryer or is 1/2" needed? I have not been able to find much info on this as most use the Y connector. Any help would be great.

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Why would you need a water line for a dryer? Unless you have a dryer like no other I know of, no water goes into a dryer. The only connection a dryer needs is an output vent and an electrical outlet to plug it into.

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All dryers with steam need a water line or have a tank to add water. They can't use much water which is why I assume 1/4" line would work. Just wanted some input from someone who may know for sure.

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Just as a anecdotal note ... there were non-vented condensing dryers many years ago that used cold water to condense the heat/moisture. Maytag, Bendix, even Whirlpool used the method. I vaguely recall mention of such a unit within the last few years (the noise of the drain pump turning on every few mins was mentioned as a potential objection) ... but condensing dryers nowadays typically use cool room air as the condensation method.

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Umm....what does the dryer's install-portion of the manual say?

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