Halogen torchiere substitute

beroneApril 27, 2010

We're working on a remodel for our ground floor. My wife hates overhead lights, but she wants to be able to light up the whole space. Her favorite light is the old black college halogen torchiere that everyone had in the early 90's. It provides a lot of light, reflected off the ceiling. Two or three of those would light the whole room the way she wants, without the expense of wiring cans throughout the room, which she would also hate. I've been looking for a more energy efficient version of those lights that also wouldn't require a new zone in the central air, but I've had no luck. Wall sconces that provide that kind of indirect light would also do the job. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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There is not too much out there that will generate the type of lighting provided by a halogen lamp. Your best bet is to go with a fluorescent torchiere, or if you can find one, go with LED.

Here is a link that might be useful: BrandNameLighting

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Here is a no frills CFL torchiere that we use. It emits plenty of light and the price was right.

Here is a link that might be useful: Torchiere CFL 3 Way

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Thanks. I've read about CFL torchieres but been unable to find any. For that price I can try one out without feeling bad if I don't like it!

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I have the same question the OP did. I want to get rid of some 300-watt halogen torchieres. But what else like it is that bright? Those with a single Edison socket limit you to a 42w CFL - but that's still nowhere near as bright (or as high quality light) as a halogen bulb. Plus there's that annoying slow CFL ramp-up. Is there anything that has, say, 3 or 4 Edison sockets spaced 5" apart in a triangle or square respectively, so you could put 23w CFLs or cheap sno-cone LEDs in that together would be as bright as an old halogen torch lamp, but use 20% of the power? I don't want anything that requires funky hard-to-get light bulbs or GU24s.

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