LG WM0642HW and 'tub clean' feature

blazinloOctober 7, 2008

Apparently LG has finally incorporated a tub clean feature for the 0642. I had contacted them many times to ask for the tub clean feature (my 0642 purchased Jan 07 doesn't have that feature). LG initially didnt include a tub clean feature w/ the 2277 washer but eventually updated the model to include one AND THEN retrofitted all of the already purchased 2277 washers w/ tub clean feature (free of charge). LG has decided to NOT retrofit older versions of the 0642. (not happy). Regardless, LG has said, "Tub clean is same as perm press cycle w/ hot water and fastest possible spin speed). I would think a tub clean feature would fill w/ water to a higher level than even the perm press, so as to be able to reach above and beyond the "normal" highest water level. Can anyone w/ 0642 (or perhaps even 2277) verify that the water level of tub clean is same as perm press water level? In mean-time, I have been doing as they told me and then adding another 2 gallons of hot water manually w/ pitcher.

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We have the LG WM2688 and I checked the water usage (house water meter) and it uses about 4.5 gal on regular wash & an extra 1 gallon with Water Plus option button.

On the Tub Clean cycle, it uses 8 gallons of water.

You could add the 2 gallons as you have been, and pour an extra 1 gallon or 1.5 gallons into the empty compartment of the Dispenser Drawer, but it drains & fills a few times during the complete cycle.

Also note: If needed, the Door will not unlock during the time the water level is high (over the Door Lip)
(power down, power up, start new wash cycle, excess water will pump out)

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