yet another led vs cfl vs halogen bathroom question

okieboApril 17, 2012

We just started our master bath remodel and are at the point where we need to finalize lighting. Our room is approximately 200 sq ft and has a vanity, shower, freestanding tub and enclosed toilet area.

The contractor spec'd out 6" standard halogen cans. He said that people were using LED as more accent lighting in his experience and that 4" was quite a bit more expensive. He was quoting me about $95 per light with labor and materials for 6" and $125 4", assuming standard halogen.

Right now we're looking two have two pendants hanging next to individual mirrors on the vanity along with two recessed lights above each sink.

My wife also wants to install a decorative 3 light fixture over the tub (the pendants are also from this line)

That leaves us with the remainder of the room. My idea was to have one 4" over the shower and one 4" in the toilet room then have four more spread throughout the room.

My question is around which direction to go. I've never found a CFL that I like, but I'm hearing good things about LED. The most common suggestion is going with the ECO4-575L from Home Depot. I'm guessing we'd go with the H99ICAT housing as this is new construction?

I know the answer is to ask him, but I'd rather go to him with an idea and price quote rather than taking direction on this issue as it doesn't sound like he's too big a fan of LED for this purpose.

Or is he right, should I be looking at halogen for the bathroom and save LED for something else?

Any direction for an LED newbie would be much appreciated.

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One important thing I left off, are there any options like the CR4 that come with a satin or brushed nickel trim, or am additional trim kit that can be used?

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