Indirect lighting for living spaces

perelApril 17, 2009

I'm looking for a good way to provide indirect background light in my home, and am considering either crown moulding with fluorescents mounted inside or some of the commercial direct/indirect wall mount fixtures.

I had originally planned on cove lighting, but it's looking like a huge project to install enough moulding to fit even T5 strips into all around the house. There is currently no crown moulding and it would look REALLY weird to have it only on some walls. One of the reasons for thinking about the more "commercial style" indirect fixtures is that they wouldn't look odd if they were just mounted here and there on the walls instead of having to perfectly fold into every corner like crown moulding would.

The house is a mid-century modern Cape, standard 8' ceilings throughout the main floor. There are two finished attic rooms with knee walls and a sloped ceiling that present their own challenges, but that's not what I'm focusing on right now. The basement has a standard 2x2 drop ceiling grid and lay-in indirect troffers will work great there. So it's the main floor that requires most of the effort right now.

With either I'm somewhat concerned about getting even light distribution given that these are normal 8' ceilings. What will help best with that? This is one of the reasons that I was considering direct/indirects; perhaps they would help fill in more evenly without glare? I'm really big on reducing glare - don't even have any table lamps because they put too much light out at eye level.

Another consideration is the style. It's MCM, but it's also a Cape. Unfortunately IMO, this isn't an Eichler or something that really took MCM and ran with it - that is really holding me back from going ultramodern in some respects. But it's also not a house where elaborate crown seems appropriate. So it would be either a very simple, clean crown - surprisingly hard to find - or modern-style fixtures.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!

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The link is for some interesting indirect fixtures. My favorite are the HITW series which appear to be niches.

Here is a link that might be useful: ELP indirect

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