UCL: Unilume or Philips eW -- where to buy and other ?

kaysdApril 4, 2013

Can anyone recommend a reliable website with the lowest prices to buy the Tech Lighting Unilume or Philips eW Profile Powercore UCL fixtures?

Also, based on what I can find online, I think both of these options have built in dimming drivers, but require the use of splice boxes, is that correct? My electrician recommended Maxlite for the price point and because they are "plug & play," but they are not available in 3000K.


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The Ucl continuation thread should have some recommendations. You could start with amazon for UniLume.

All direct wire Ucl is plug and play in that you just connect the lights (with a smaller set of parts) and not have to worry about wire lengths, location of the power supply, etc which low voltage systems require.

A splice box is required to connect the romex to the lamp cord. Look at the installation instructions for each led bar - eW profile, UniLume, maxlite.

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Thanks. Have you compared the eW Profile and Unilume? Is the Unilume worth the extra $? I like that it has higher lumens, but it might be overkill.

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I've briefly looked at the uniLume. It might be justifiable if you really want the thin profile and output.

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