Holes in Clothing

mrjmsOctober 1, 2012

There have been numerous postings about holes in clothing that has been washed in a front loader. Here is my opinion: Perhaps the holes are being caused by the clothes being pulled through the holes in the washer tub when it goes into a high spin. True, the clothes do not go all the way through the holes in the tub but maybe just enough to cause a hole in the clothing as the tub is spinning fast and pulling the water out of the tub. Just my thought on the subject.

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It could be that they are spinning the clothes too fast as you suggested. Though most seem to be complaining of holes in just one specific area. Usually around the middle section where they get wear and tear. If they had holes randomly throughout the garment then I would definitely suspect the washer. I had an old used washer that had an enamel tub. It had chipped and was pulling clothes. The pulls were very random and was the reason it got replaced.

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