Ardee clikstrip undercabinet lighting price

sophie123April 18, 2011


My architect specified undercabinet lighting called Ardee Clikstrip CRKFWC-Length-FS-XF25. (lamp: festoon, 12V, 5W and remote transformer). I have no idea what this is and googling it doesnt help much as I am trying to figure out if this will blow my budget (again). I have about 15' of wall cabinets to light.

The cabinet maker wants to know today how much of overhang at bottom of cabinet i need for undercabinet lighting so i need to tell him something.

Anyone familiar with this product? I believe it is LED lighting. Thanks!

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I'm not familiar with that product, but I did price something similar and it was high compared to what I ended up with - I used Environmental lights premium and love them - I wanted something with a good light quality (high CRI) and bright but dimmable. Not sure if the ones you listed are dimmable...and I think they are larger than most of the light bars available now

Don't assume your architect is up on the latest LED lighting - there have been a great deal of improvements and a drop in prices since I started researching them for my kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Environmental Lights

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Sorry the late response. I read about environmental lighting and it seems good. Unfortunately my electrician for the job just called me and knows nothing about LED other than a couple stories of people getting it for UCL, spending a ton of money and not being happy.

Should i order the test kit of environmental lighting to see if i like it? Which color is best for a blue kitchen? I have no idea how to pick one over another.

I feel like i have to do all the legwork here which is scary but i don't want to regret the lighting choice 5 years later.

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There are 120V hardwired UCL and low voltage (typically 12V or 24V).

Ask your electrician about his comfort level in dealing with 120V AC or 24V/ 12V DC.

The env lights are 24V DC.

You may find the link below useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: led UCL DIY

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