outdoor string lights

sprtphntcApril 16, 2013


has anybody used Restoration Hardware's outdoor string lights...
i am not really concerned with the style just overall opinions...
we are looking at the "vintage string lights"..

any help would be greatly appreciated,
thanks so much!!!

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Do you find the flexible strip light or the rigid strip light?

Here is a link that might be useful: led strip light

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i was asking about outdoor STRING lights, not strip lights...
thanks anyway....

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dear sprtphntc, i am sorry i misunderstood your meaning, but could you please tell me the detailed demand so that i may help you. in fact there are many string lights online, maybe i can introduce some to you. well it is up to you

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The only site that Monica can introduce you to is HERS...
In case you haven't caught on .

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yes, i caught on....sleazy move....such poor taste

i am still looking for input on RH outdoor string lights if anyone has had any experience with them


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