Could anyone help me find this fab light pls?

shopaholic381April 21, 2013

I saw this in a show home but the company Envision doesn't deal with the public. I would love to have this for my kitchen/diner. I've been trying to track it down without much luck. Any advice would be really appreciated.

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I tried to put it in the website, but couldn't find any one is corrsponding with the picture you show. Why not ask the seller to get the picture of this item. Just the name of the light would be helpful to you.

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Even if the company does not sell directly to retail buyers, they would have a strong invested interest (even if they do not recognize or acknowledge that interest) in helping buyers to ultimately purchase their product.
So ask for their help in identifying that product.
If such help is not forthcoming, consider finding some other fixture to like.

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It's a show home and the developer has only told me the name of the company who decorated and furnished the show home but they won't deal with me .....a mere member of the public...they only deal with trade. Very frustrating.

I sneakily took my own picture but can't get any more info out of them.

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Show your photo in the local lighting showrooms. Search online for lighting fixtures, including eBay. Search for those in your area who make custom lighting fixtures. One such in this area is out in the country in a garage behind his house.
See if the name of the electrician for that house is listed. Electricians do not often select light fixtures, but almost always do the installation.
The person who designed the fixture used some imagination-- now you need to do the same if you want a similar fixture.

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