What is 60w B10 candelabra bulb?

hehatemeApril 3, 2011


We are looking for lights for a single sink vanity in our bathroom. We came across these lights that look nice to us.


They take 60W B10 Candelabra bulb. The lights will have 4 60W B10 Candelabra bulbs. The canopy is frosted.

I was wondering if Candeabra is just a base type for incandescant bulbs?

Will 4 60W Candelabra bulbs provide enough lighting?


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Candelabra describes the size and shape of the base. It's the same type of base as a night light bulb.

Two hundred forty watts is a fair bit of power. Oddly, though, those four 60 watt bulbs will produce less light than a single 240 watt bulb would.

In fact they'll produce less light than a single 200 watt bulb. A Philips 60w DuraMax is rated 550 lumens (9.2 lumens per watt); a 200w Philips 34976-1 bulb is rated 2540 lumens (12.7 lumens per watt).

Of course, these bulbs use very different fixtures, but the point is that you're looking at a somewhat inefficient fixture, in case that matters to you. You could improve that efficiency quite a bit by fitting compact fluorescent or even LED bulbs.

But to answer your question, those 4 60w bulbs will produce something close to 2200 lumens. I use two 15 watt CFs in my bathroom fixture (total 1800 lumens) and I find it ample.

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Thanks for the explaination David.
Which Led bathroom lights you have and where did you buy it?
I will like to be more green in my lighting choices.

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Nice looking fixture. I agree that CFL's or LED's would be a much better choice than incandescant. Those little incandescant's will waste a lot of energy in the form of heat. The LED's are still priced well above CFL's, so do some comparison shopping.

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Which Led bathroom lights you have and where did you buy it?

Sorry if I was unclear. I use CFs in my bathroom, not LEDs.

I have only a few LED retrofits so far. I'm still experimenting with them. Because they're directional, I don't consider them a very good general purpose light. The current crop are also less efficient than CFs and cost a lot more. My interest in them so far is mostly academic.

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I'm finding T10 LED lightbulbs for incandescent fixtures but they all have the bottom half of the bulb blocked out which means they aren't that pretty when used inside a frosted glass elongated sconce.

Anyone else have this problem and have a solution? so the result looking at the sconce doesn't have the bottom half "grayed out"? Guess I could post a picture. Will try to do that later.

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If the fixture uses the "B" lamps, it is highly likely that substitute lamps will be too large to fit. The CF will be too large diameter or too long, depending on the shape.
The "B" indicates the shape, the "10" indicates it's major diameter in eighth's of an inch. So the diameter is 1 1/4".

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