LED or Halogen pot lights?

erpatchesApril 21, 2011

I have been busy trying to decide what to use for a great room. LED much more expensive, 4 inch can than the halogen. More than double. But is it worth the extra? Has anyone seen them in a home? I can only find halogen pot lights in our neighbourhood.

Please comment to help me decide.

Thank you.

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I wouldn't use cans at all; they are an expensive and ineffective choice for general illumination. But if you are set on using them, LEDs will pay back the higher initial price many times over in decreased energy costs - especially in future years as electricity costs rise.

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4" cans are generally expensive. LED lights for 4" cans even more so.

If you live in an area subject to energy efficiency laws, the type of lighting could be constrained. For example title 24 prohibits more than 50% of the wattage going towards traditional incandescent lighting (inc halogen).

I would look at the CREE LR4 lights if 4" cans are specified.

Otherwise, consider larger 6" cans and/ or other forms of lighting.

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If cost is an issue consider dimmable CFL in cans instead. Their initial cost is reasonable and they use far less electricity than halogen. And they are an excellent source of light for a large room like that. You may also want to consider table and floor lamps in addition.

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