Miele T8966WP Heat Pump dryer or Bosch WTP86560?

NiaNiaOctober 17, 2012


We live in the Gulf region and have a Miele dishwasher which has worked beautifully for last 5 years. We love the brand and really want to invest in the heat pump dryer but we are a bit scared to splash out $2500 without being sure that this machine will be what we are looking for. I will be so grateful if someone could please tell me their experience with this machine. Noise levels, performance, issues.

We are also looking at Bosch 7kg A rated dryer WTW 86560 which is at half the price of Miele. Please, could you help me make a choice? Is there any overriding reason why I should go for Miele other than the name? Any issues anyone has had with either?

Very grateful for your help!



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Neither Bosch nor Miele have ever released a heat pump dryer on the US market so I doubt you'll get much feedback from this American forum. You can try the

Discuss-o-Mat from automaticwasher.org

Plenty of members from Europe on there who can help you out. I know Bosch had to revise the cleaning mechanism several times because it would clog with lint. Miele never had such issues but if it's so much more expensive... Both are good dryers in the end.


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Thank you Whirlpool_trainee. Much appreciated!

Warm regards

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