Is the Cree CR6 safe to use over a shower?

casasolanaApril 8, 2011

Does anyone know if the Cree CR6 is safe to use over a shower? I see that it's damp rated and it shouldn't be sprayed directly in the shower. But I guess it could accidentally get a direct hit from hand sprayer.

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Used a cover over the fixture.

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Thanks for the response but the Cree CR6 has the trim and a cover integrated with the light, so I'm not sure how I would add a shower trim cover.

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Normally a "suitable for damp locations" rating (which is the CR6's rating) would suffice for placement over a tub or shower. However the NEC specifically requires a "suitable for wet locations" rating if the lighting fixture is subject to shower spray. Since you have a hand sprayer, a case could me made that the CR6 wouldn't be up to code, since water from the handspray could inadvertently directly hit the recessed lamp.

I'd be inclined to stick with a recessed "shower light", and get one designed for a 60w incandescent bulb, which I think could accept several available LED A19-shape bulbs.

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We have a CR6 over our shower (9 foot high ceiling). It has been in service for 27 months and it is working fine. As long as you don't plan on using it for target practice with your hand shower, it should work for you too. I don't think any lamp would be good to spray directly unless you were to put in a swimming pool lamp. You might want to consider the newer, less expensive Cree LED fixture sold at Home Depot. I actually favor them as they dim better and cost less.

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If you decide against LED can, my second preference in shower area is fluorescent. I know, I know..BUT there is twice the light output with fluorescent because it doesn't get as hot as incandescent. I used a can rated for up to 32 watts because you can go as low as 24 watt and as high as 32 watt. For the trim, a "regressed, frosted lense" will give you a nice, soft glow similar to a flood lamp, but I strongly recommend a good quality fluorescent lamp (Sylvania) at 3000 Kelvin. Juno is the only manufacturer that has a regressed trim that will work with a 32 watt.(32 watt lamp is longer than 24 watt so if you decide you are ok with 24 watt, there are more manufacturers available.) I've installed this configuration right next to a can with incandescent flood (in kitchen) and no one could tell the difference in both color and look between the fluorescent and the incandescent.

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Strongly recommend a shower trim over the shower. Electricity and steam.. humm not good. I recommend Halo's 4" LED can which has a "shower trim" designed for wet locations. The 4" LEDs put out about 500 lumens, so I put in 2 over a 48" area. About 12" off the wall with about 24" between. The light is more directional than incandescent and much more directional than fluorescent, so although they are only 500 lumens, they seem brighter. You may consider using the "haze" trim for a softer reflection. Lights are dimmable, but be SURE TO PURCHASE an electronic dimmer switch which is required if a minimum of 40 watts is not on the switching line. I'm sure you'll need to special order these, since most lighting stores are not stocking these as a standard item

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Sometime recently, the CR6 (or at least the Home Depot Ecosmart version) became approved for wet locations - says so on the box and on the lamp bezel itself. My older ones claim suitability for dry or damp areas only, and the 4" CR4 still does.

So now you can use a CR6 over the shower or tub.

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