Which colour temperature to choose in a bright sunny place

carolmlApril 24, 2014

We are currently building a casa in Mexico and trying to decide from Canada on which bulbs to buy for pot lights. We have purchased Cree Ecosmart LEDFloods in both 2700K and 5000K to test out. These are discounted locally as a power smart initiative and we would like to take advantage of the price, and, we would be unable to find anything like them in our little town in Mexico. The house will have 10 foot ceilings and mostly warm white walls. I am worried that the 5000K will be too stark though I like the idea of "daylight". Real daylight there is very bright, would the 2700K look to yellow in comparison? Final point, the house is an open plan so I feel all the lights should be the same or can you mix them without it looking funny - brighter lights in the kitchen and warmer ones elsewhere?
If you have an opinion about this, please advise.

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It doesn't matter much where the house is located since the lights would be used when natural lighting is insufficient.

If you prefer daylight lighting, you could have all lights daylight color. Alternatively, if you do have physical separations- opaque walls, you could have different colors depending on the space.

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Thanks David, I guess my real question is whether or not I will find the 5000K bulbs too cold. I wish Cree made a bulb half way between the two colours.

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If you have recessed lighting in mind, the Cree CR series has more options.

They also perform better.

Other than that, a 5000k light color from movable lamps could be fine.

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