Pendant lights to hang through a beam?

politicauxApril 28, 2009

I'm midway through rebuilding a flooded house and need some suggestions for lighting. I've taken out a wall separating the kitchen from great room and I'm in the process of replacign it with a 6' two-level bar. I'd planned on installing pendant lights above the bar. The wall I removed was a support wall, so I went back in with a 12' beam to span the opening. My issue now is that I'm struggling with how to hang pendants from the beam. I'd like to keep the beam as inobtrusive as possible, so building in a space around it to mount fixtures isn't ideal.

Is there such a thing as a pendant light that would work with its base above the beam, a wire hanging through, and a trim piece of some sort where the wire comes out the bottom of the beam? If I could keep everything but the bulb and a thin wire above the beam I'd have my current headache solved.

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