par30 or lr6?

jdougjoApril 6, 2010

I had made up my mind to use Juno 5" cans with wheat haze/white trim and 50W PAR30 bulbs in my kitchen remodel. Price per fixture is about $72 including can, trim and bulb.

Given the cost I decided to look at CREE LR6 bulbs. They can be had for $80. I'm not sure what is the best remodel fixture to use with these. Juno TC2R? They seem available for under $15. That's $95 so the premium doesn't seem that high. But I'm confused if I need trim or not. Does the bulb include a white trim ring? If I need trim then what kind works with these bulbs?

What remodel cans have others tried? Is the bulb flush with the ceiling? Any pictures?

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LR6 lights can be used with most 5" or 6" cans. No trim is required. I used HALO although Juno would work just as well.

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davidtay - it seems I'm following the same path as you with regards to lighting.

Did you do LED rope lighting above your cabinets? If so, what kind did you use and are you happy with it?

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I forgot to mention that CREE CR6 lights will be available for ~50 around the middle of this year. They will be the approximate replacement for the LR6 (with a shorter rated life span).

I used environmentalLights neutral white lightbars for under cabinet lighting and am quite pleased with the results.

Having said that, I'd strongly advise shopping around online - the same lights can be purchased elsewhere for less today.

A brief view

StarStrand LED could also be another option.

Here is a link that might be useful: environmentallights

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