New whirlpool duet washer tub wobbles? (Video)

Doc_JimOctober 13, 2013

Got a new duet washer and dryer last weekend....never owned a front loader before.

Model: wfw94heaw

It works great....but we notice the tub wobbles....and can me pushed around by hand very very easily as we'll. almost bouncy.
This doesn't feel right....but again we are new to front loaders.

I posted 2 1 of them you can really see the wobbling pushing on the lower door rubber seal area as it wobbles..etc....

Thoughts here? Is this normal? They clean great..

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Seems normal for a US front loader. Because home in the US are usually a wooden construction, vibration can easily become a problem. That's why manufacturers have invented all sorts of anti-vibration technologies and added a soft suspension that's cancels out most of the vibration.

See how this models even wobbles with an empty tub at 2:30 ->


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Doc_Jim, the oscillation is 100% normal. The tub is hung on springs and buffered by four shocks beneath. Hoses attached to the tub have "accordion" design to accommodate the oscillation, as does the door boot.

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