7 months now with the speed queens

triedandtrueOctober 14, 2013

It's been 7 months now and I have been very pleased with both the washer and dryer. The washer has run smoothly without a hitch in that time. The dryer has been fantastic too
It's such a blessing to have machines doing what they are designed to do without all the fuss. Hope for many years of reliable service.

Good job Speed Queen !

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This sounds great.

What type of washing machine do you have? Is it a top loader or a front loader?

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Hi.The washer I bought was a top loader; model AWN432. The middle of the 3 models.
These are the last of the true classic top loaders that the US produces.
Only time will tell how long they will last, but I haven't used any washer that has a better suspension than this Speed Queen has. That alone I think attests to the internal build quality . No other domestic make offers a warranty like speed queen today. That alone says this company backs what it makes. Thank the Lord.

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Could you please share what wash cycles you have? I have researched online and I couldn't determine which ones it offered. I am leaning Speed Queen, he wants a top loader without an agitator.

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Not home now,but the cycles on my washer are regular/normal; permanent press; delicate/handwash; and soak. There is a prewash setting on the normal cycle also if you desire that option and an extra rinse switch.
I would advise against an HE belt drive top loader.Had a Maytag Bravos X belt drive HE non agitator washer that died in 2 years.
I would say avoid those machines, they simply are not heavy duty like the Speed Queens are.

I think you won't go wrong with speed queen.

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I wanted to say the hot water trickles in when selected. (government regulation nonsense) but at least it is HOT and not mixed with cold. The water level fills to over 3/4 on largest water level setting( more government nonsense) but you have a reset which can add more water or adjust it yourself. There are videos on how to do this.
I adjusted mine and I am not mechanically inclined, pretty easy to do.
Just to add also that the normal cycle set at the heavy setting is roughly 35 minutes give or take a few minutes total.

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Thanks so much for replying. I agree. Another problem I have with the new large capacity top loaders is that I am not tall enough (arms not long enough) to reach into the bottom to pull everything out!

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Your very welcome. What I also like about the washer is that the tub is wider than the Kenmore and whirlpool direct drives I previously owned. Seems easier to reach into the tub.

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I've had my SQ 542 for 10 months now and still love it! No bad issues to speak of at all. I've washed everything in it from curtains to king size sheets and blankets. I did watch the videos on how to get it to fill up to the top holes in the drum. I have experimented with using the water reset and take the water level to just at the bottom of the fabric soften holder and had no issues with and kind of overfill or flooding. I do this when I wash my not so thick king size comforter in it. The only thing I miss with a FL is the super high spin speeds, but that is not really a big deal.

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Yesterday I popped off the front panel for the first time ( I dropped a piece of cardboard inside trying to keep the safety switch down LOL) I was very impressed at the heavy duty build.
My dad said that looks like a 55 gallon drum in there. He was impressed also after having the previous featherweight of a washer which would shake the whole cabinet on spin with no clothes in it. Starting to think that those cheap SS tubs in that other brand are out of round.
I digress though, I hope to get another speed queen to keep in storage in the not too distant future. Lord willing.

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Hi gates1. Washed a not so fluffy king size comforter a couple of weeks ago in the SQ and it handled it beautifully. Lots of rollover.
This same comforter wouldn't move in the Kenmore DD when my dad tried to wash it and stripped out the agitator dogs. The baskets are too narrow in those machines I think.
That's what I like about this SQ, the tub is wider and the agitator is a single action one piece. Great performance all around, and I have not used a washer past or present that has such a steady spin save for an early 70s Westinghouse TLer.

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