Track vs Rail vs Spotlight for Piano Light

shmealApril 11, 2012

I would appreciate any help or suggestions you can offer about ceiling lighting for a piano.

Our great room (approx. 17'x19' with 9' ceilings) will have an added niche in the northwest corner of the room (an extra 3'x 6-1/2') for our grand piano. It is very important to me to have good lighting at the piano.

Within the great room we will have a large ceiling fan with four recessed cans to wash the walls at the perimeter of the room.

DH, the builder and I all have different opinions on how to light the corner for the piano. DH wants directional recessed lights. The builder wants to install a track lighting system and I want something that comes down from the ceiling a little further.

I've tried looking online for information and it gets all a little confusing to me. I'm either finding things with way too much information (lumens and loss of candlepower, etc) or it's so simple as to be of no help at all.

This is an image of a fixture that I thought would work.

This particular fixture is from Pottery Barn - I don't know anything about their quality and haven't really looked at anything else yet because I don't want to spend a lot of time looking at one thing and then it ends up not being the correct option.

What is the right way to get the light where I need it to be? I need to see the music, I need to see the keys and I need to avoid excessive shadows. Style is important, but function is the most important.

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The best solution would probably be a piano lamp.

Overhead lighting could cast shadows depending on the relative position of the piano seating and lamp style.

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We use a low voltage recessed can w/MR-16 wall washer trim over our upright piano. It actually illuminates some art work on the wall above the piano, and is supplemented by a piano top lamp for the music. The recessed cans and trim allow a very clean look with nothing 'hanging down'.

The wall washers had 50 watt halogen MR-16 lamp for a long time. But I currently use the Philips 10 watt AmbientLED MR-16 in them.

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Thanks for your comments. I think we will end up using a floor lamp made for pianos as DH doesn't like the ones that clip on and I don't like the ones that sit counterbalanced to the side of the pianist.

Is it cheaper/easier to install recessed cans or wall sconces? The piano niche seems like it will be a little dark compared to the rest of the room and I would like to find a way to light up that corner. I think I will stay away from the lights that "hang down" as it is one less fixture that will have to coordinate with the fan and the pendants over the kitchen island.

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A recessed can could be more expensive. However, it could be positioned to provide better lighting than a single wall sconce (if the locations of the ceiling joists permit). Lights like the CR6 perform much better than the traditional "bulb in a can" recessed light.

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