Boyd Lighting

wishiwasinozApril 6, 2010

Has anyone ever used Boyd Lighting? The particular fixture I'm interested in is the Cascade Luminaire Grand. I saw it in a magazine article & it looks so amazing. I have no idea what price point it is in, but it does look rather expensive (& probably nowhere near my budget).

There are no dealers in a 200 mile radius in my home, so I cannot go look at it in a showroom.

Has anyone used this lighting co. before & have any idea of a price range? Thanks!


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The furniture company I work for used to represent Boyd Lighting for the Los Angeles market, and I was in charge of reviewing all the orders as they came in, since I was head of the lighting department (I'm head of R&D now). Our company also has its own lighting line, and I designed or engineering most of it.

I found Boyd's prices to be very economical compared to the high end lines that our company makes. I have one of their catalogs, but the prices are from 1993. The prices are net (wholesale) for designers and the mark-up to retail is normally 1.5. They didn't have elaborate chandeliers back then - only pendant fixtures, which ranged in price from $645 to $895 net. The chandelier you pictured would probably be at least $2000 net or $3000 list. They are a very good company and have great quality, and so I think they are priced well. Normally you would have to go through a designer to buy their products, as they tend to be for the trade only.

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Thank you publickman. I figured that was the price range, though you probably could have told me $8K & I would have believed you! I'll keep saving my pennies!

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