How to reconstruct ugly recessed 2 tube light area

eurekaApril 25, 2010

I am looking for a guide, video, article to guide me through the steps of removing a 2 tube flourescent kitchen light that is recessed into the ceiling and then reconstructing the box into an attractive area that I can place likely an S - track of several track lights that will provide good lighting in all directions. The cabinets already have undermount lights. The kitchen ceiling is low thus I feel I must use the recessed area. If track lighting can truly hug the ceiling with several lights and no overheating issues, that's fine by me.

I am open to any suggestions but ultimately do need a how-to guide. This is a small kitchen, counter to counter apprx 8 x 8 and has cabinet doors swinging out. Thanks so much.

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Is the space above the attic or a second level?

If the space above is the attic area and you have full access, it would be easy to raise the entire ceiling.

If there is a second level, raising the ceiling is still possible, though the amount it may be raised is limited.

If you don't mind a low ceiling, the other alternative is to fill in the recessed area.

I had a low ceiling (~ 7') and had it raised to 8'.



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Your request is too complicated and specific. I don't think you'll find any such guide. If you break it into small steps you'll find each step is doable one at a time.

1.) Remove old fixture:

Turn off power, remove bulbs, remove the metal cover over the ballast, disconnect the wires (probably three) undo the fasteners that hold the fixure to the ceiling, lower it to the floor, cap off wires, tuck them into their electrical box, put a cover on it. Turn power back on. First step done.

2.) You now have an unfinished rectangular(?) recess in the ceiling. Finish it like any other wall or ceiling. Sheetrock is simple, adaptable, effective. Paint it white after it dries.

3.) I don't know about the track light. If you want spots of light here and there it'll do. Swapping out the old two-bulb T-12 fixture for a new four-bulb T-8 fixture would give you a whole lot more light, be lower maintenance, be more economical to run.

If you still want the track, you just attach the supports to the ceiling, run the track, connect the track to the same place the old light got power, and off you go.

>The cabinets already have undermount lights.

Can they be made more powerful?

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