Box store vs name brand light bulbs

a2geminiApril 6, 2012

Local box store sells the Cooper and Cree LED lights for less than the light stores.

The box store lights have the box store brand name but you can tell who the manufacturer is on the bulbs from the boxes.

I have heard that the box stores sell faucets which have been modified to cost less and that is why they can sell them for less. I don't know if this is true.

Does anyone know if a Cree or Cooper LED is the same from the box stores and light stores or are there any differences other than packaging?


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The Cree branded CR6 has a 5 year warranty compared to the EcoSmart branded version ECO-575 which has a 3 year warranty. The difference in pricing may be more important in this example.

There are many other differences inherent in LED lighting even if various brands use LED chips from the same source such as
1. LED emitter efficiency.
2. Utilization of remote phosphors.
3. Using a mix of different color LED emitters.
4. Power supply components.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine if a seller is simply padding the bottom line by just looking at the box.

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Thanks Davidtay - it is hard to know if the packaging is the only difference but sounds like there could be other subtle changes.

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