Combo washer-dryer in USA?

neonriderOctober 1, 2010

Do they allow to purchase and use an all-in-on e washer+dryer in one unit in the United states of A? I've never seen one for sale in the USA.

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Yes it is ok. There are several brands haier, lg, etc. The reviews are not too good though. If you have room for a full sized regular unit or stackable, it is recommended. Although used widely in other parts of the world, drying is considered somewhat of a "luxury" and space is quite limited. Apartments are quite often small and have only 300 or 400 square feet. There is no room. Most people have only the bare necessities and use common laundry areas conservatively to dry clothes. Most other world citizens are far more practical than in the US and have drying racks and lines. Small loads can easily be dried this way.

Most of the complaints and feedback focus on long wash/drying times for combined units. A spin dryer that extracts water from a wash load can speed up drying time considerably.

Here is a link that might be useful: What Kind of Washing Machine Should I Buy?

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A typical problem is that it takes double the drum space to dry a load as is required to wash it (dryer cu. ft. size is normally double that of washers) ... so if a FULL load is washed, usually only 1/2 of it can be dried at a time.ÃÂ Or, a up to a 1/2 load can be washed & dried without intervention.

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You can get one but they suck. We used them in France and a load takes over 2 hours, you can't stop the cycle in the middle to remove delicates you want to air dry, and nothing gets completely dry, we always had to hang everything to complete the drying.

I would take an old fashion wringer-washer and line to dry in the yard before I would take a combo again. Go for a stackable set or a set that is one piece, washer on bottom, dryer on top.

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15 years ago when I lived in Europe, I had a combo wash-dry which cost $400 and it washed and dried with no problem and without removing 1/2 of the clothes. I don't remember the manufacturer brand though. I think it was Japanese.

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I don't remember such a problem 15 years ago in Eastern Europe. It was very modern place and a combo unit, and only $400. The washer/dryer was doing a great job, yet it took about 2 hours, yes, but when you wash properly with a single washer it takes also 2 hours and then takes 40 min.l to dry with a separate dryer. In a small space a combo is better. I'm glad they allow combos in USA now as before they told me they were illegal.

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I'm not aware of combo washer/dryers ever being illegal in the USA. They've been sold here continuously since the 1950s.

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Whoever told you they were illegal in the US was full of it. They're not popular here so they're not readily available. Few dealers want to keep dog movers in stock. Many if not most of the combos use condenser dryers which take longer than vented dryers and Americans aren't very patient for most things, they want immediate gratification or in the alternative, a status symbol.

I like the idea of the combo, especially if it was vented. For a single person or a couple it could work well depending on how you do laundry. You probably would need to do it on more often than waiting until everything is dirty and try to do it all at once and with the long load times and small capacities not a lot of people like to wait for it.

The other issue with them is finding someone who is experienced in repairing them.

And FWIW I "wash properly with a single washer" and it takes far, far less than two hours!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our old friend Google shows them available from many sources

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Someday, some enterprising appliance manufacturer will build an oversize, 240V/30A, vented combo washer/dryer, sell it in the US, market it correctly (as a replacement for both laundry machines, not a washer replacement), and they will print their own money...

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I have an LG combo unit. Works well and you CAN pause it in the middle to remove whatever you want. Only time you cannot pause and open the door is if it is in a high water operation like tub cleaning, since that would dump water all over your floor.

Times are about 3 hours 30 minutes for a normal load of laundry. That is total from start to finish, including dry time. It seems to get things very clean.

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We've had our LG all-in-one for a few months now. Love it. I attached a link to my review below. It's the one with the picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG All-in-One Review

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Times are about 3 hours 30 minutes for a normal load of laundry. That is total from start to finish, including dry time. It seems to get things very clean.

I can see the appeal in a home with limited space, but unless I absolutely had no room or choice, I wouldn't take this over a conventional setup for my family of 4. In 3.5 hours I can have 2 loads completed and a third ready for the dryer.

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I've had an Equator Washer/Dryer for over 12 years and am very happy with it. My apartment does not have a laundry hookup--I connect it to the kitchen faucet and it drains to the kitchen sink. And I have no way to vent a dryer, so the fact it has a condenser dryer and is 110V was really important.
I have had to open the dryer fan to remove built up link a couple times--as lint accumulates the dryer takes longer to dry--removing the lint really improves the dry times.
Combo units aren't for everyone. As a rule, I'd say if you have room for a separate washer and dryer (or even the smaller stacked units) it is likely a better solution. But I've been very happy with my combo.

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I would so LOVE to have a combo IF they would design one the way I want it. It would have to be a 220 volt machine, a large format tub (say 4.5 cf), it should have a choice of water levels, temperature choices from cold all the way up to 200 degrees, a selection of spin speeds, soil level selection, cycles for any fabric, and be VENTED, not ventless. The large tub format means more could be dried at one time and the vented dryer solves the long dry time problem. 220 volt solves the time problem with respect to heating water since it would heat very fast. This type of combo could easily wash AND dry a load in an hour if you selected a quick wash...and an hour and a half if you used a heavy duty wash selection.

If someone marketed this machine properly, I guarantee they could sell a boatload of them in the US since most everyone already has a 220 volt outlet as well as a vent in their laundry space. With one super efficient and fast machine to take the place of two, what's not to love?

Of course, no one will ever build it...but I can always hope.

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I think that's what everyone wants. I am at a complete loss as to why nobody sells them in the US.

Sad thing is, there are lots of these being built already, but only for Europe, Asia, and Africa. Maybe if we all scream loud enough, someone will send some our way....

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I know this thread is old but,
My household has using an Equator ez-1000 W-D combo for the past 12yrs without major problems and up until recently I have been on the hunt for a newer, preferably a bigger, replacement. But had no luck until I stumbled on to the Cobra hybrid, an oversized W.-D. vented combo with a twist, also from Equator, Coincidence? Maybe not...
But the machine was suppose to be available at the beginning of 2013 but the release date was bumped up to later this year. And yes its made to be available in the U.S.

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Decent-size 3.5 cu.ft. drum, 220v, vented combo. So far, sounds great. But for now it's not even a Kickstarter project; it's an Indiegogo croudsourced project that only reached 1/100th of its $500K goal after closing a few months ago, despite backers being able to buy a machine for almost half price ($1,200). Also, it's a top-load, horizontal-axis machine, a format somewhat popular in Europe for small washers, but has never sold well in the US; I think Staber is the only company that's sold them in recent decades, and not very many.

Here is a link that might be useful: Equator 240v vented combo washer/dryer

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I wouldn't hold your breath on that Equator: they originally announced the machine in 2006 but never managed to bring it to market. At this point it isn't much more than a press release.
I liked my Equator 3600CEE, but after more than 12 years it died last December and I bought a LG. so far it's a great machine: about 20% more capacity, much less vibration, and very quiet. When I bought the first machine, there were quite a few places that sold Equators, but when looking this time, they seem to have disappeared. LGs were pretty widely available.

Here is a link that might be useful: Equator's 2006 announcement of the same machine.

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Samsung WD8804

i found this unit online, vented washer dryer combo, 220 volt for $1100, am i dreaming?

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Yes... you are dreaming.

"Power: 220-240 Volts 50 HZ (EUROPE, ASIA, South America, & Africa USE)"


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